About Me

This blog is about whatever I find interesting. I like to try and understand the truth about many subjects and occasionally like to share what I have found, what disturbs me, or I just find interesting.

I am a systems programmer, and have been working with computers since the days of mainframes. I remember the first IBM PC, Apple, but some of the kit PCs predate me. Technology interests me, but the impact it has on our lives interests me even more. I do not normally jump into the latest new thing since usually it costs quite a bit more than if you wait a year or so!

I am currently thinking about religion, atheism, and all systems of belief that lie in between. Dogma and idolatry, which I believe most of the world lies in the grip of, are tools being used to manipulate us. Manipulation of the media, outright lies, and governmental control are also ways to manipulate large numbers of people.

I also like model trains (O-gauge) and will probably post some articles as I learn more about building a layout. I hope to make a layout with a political viewpoint!

Oh yes: I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis in 2001.  I have been involved with therapeutic horseback riding since, oh, 2004 or so. I ride at the Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Program. Occasionally, when people make terrible videos like this one, I will get a little riled up. I may occasionally comment on topics related to my ongoing recovery from a spinal cord injury, physical therapy, stem cell research and related topics. I usually walk with two canes, used a wheel chair in public for one day and almost got killed doing so, and hope to someday walk somewhat normally again.

I live on the east coast of the United States, in the state of Maryland (MD!)

Twitter, YouTube. The username mikeporterinmd works lots of places. Gtalk, yahoo, etc.

And now Tumblr, which is fun, too.


  1. You piqued my interested and had to check out your digs 🙂 Can I add you to my blog roll? Always think it’s good to ask before I leap. Who knows, maybe together, we can ’round up some Crip friends and take over the world!! That’s what my husband encourages me to do anyways
    Rock On Mike

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. […] snow blowers exist, and I am lucky enough to be able to afford one, I can clear the snow (see about me, spinal cord injury, use two canes to walk.) So, the snow blower becomes my 7.5hp walker. I can […]

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