YouTube Commenting

It is widely believed that YouTube commenting fails all the time because it broken. However, after getting very persistent with certain comments, I have discovered the following items. I’d like to keep a list here of what causes comments to be rejected since knowing this can save a lot of time.

  1. If you quote too much from a previous comment, your post will be rejected.
  2. If your post has the string . com in it, apparently your comment will be rejected.
  3. You can’t write fucking stupid, apparently. Guess I could have guessed that.
  4. But, you can use the far more literary insufferable pricks, which I suppose is really better form. Unless you really meant the former.
  5. Angle brackets, like you might use in html. Apparently the code to encapsulate them is too complex for YouTube. Either that or when converted to entities, the comment got too long. But in either case, the issue was not reported to me. The comment just failed to post.

Please comment with anything you find, and I will incorporate. I will probably delete incorporate comments.

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