Posted by: Mike P. | January 28, 2013

Assualt Weapons Were Used at Sandy Hook

There appears to be a misconception on what weapons were used at the Sandy Hook shooting.

This is the latest information I’ve been able to find and it clearly states assault weapons were used, and not just pistols of one sort of another.

The Today Show video clip being placed around the internet is actually from December 15th and is taken from a story earlier on that day. The clip as seen here shows an update link.

The updated video states that many of the victims were shot with a rifle. The original video that states hand guns only were used. The earlier video has been edited to remove the update URL and is now being posted to YouTube and linked to in blogs as “new information” when in fact it was broadcast on December 15th, 2012. Many people are now using this to claim that “mainstream media missed the story” without realizing that they are using a Dec 15th erroneous video to back their claim. In fact, the media was “out in front” a little too far and wrong as a result.

Many conservative and guns rights websites are picking up and amplifying the story, which gives credence to the story unless you know how to research. But, I can pretty calmly say that the recent story is a hoax.

Here is a Jan 23rd, 2013 statement by the CT State Police as reported by NBC stating that an assault weapon was used inside the school.

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