Posted by: Mike P. | January 21, 2013

More Gun Control, Sigh.

Interesting that my first post here is also about gun rights.  It’s not really a huge interest area for me.  I enjoy shooting sometimes, but I live in an area with a lot of guns, so the issue comes up a lot.  This is what I wrote to a friend recently:

I’m not terribly worried about the gvt. taking away all my rights to own a gun. It’s pretty well set in the 2nd amendment.


The issue is: “Where is the line between a musket and a bazooka.”


We all pretty much agree that privately owned muskets are OK, especially if the owner is background checked. Most of us don’t want people owning bazookas. So, what’s the line?


Admittedly, owning a working bazooka would be cool.

Um, I don’t suggest anyone let me have a bazooka any time soon.  Unless I am in a desert far, far away from any cars that someone values.

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