Posted by: Mike P. | September 7, 2011

Is the Governor of New Jersey a Flat Out Liar?

From NJ Governor Chris Christie’s Address to the Koch Crowd where he speaks on President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union Address:

So we sat down and listened to his speech and ironically the President, you might remember, that night said, it was time for America to do the big things. Exact same phrase. Three weeks after mine. [laughter] Except the difference between me and Barack Obama is on full display tonight because here’s what he said the big things were. He said the big things were electric cars [scattered laughter], high-speed internet access and high-speed rail.

Well, I just can not find those words in President Obama’s speech.

I can find traces of what Christie is talking about. The words electric car do appear in President Obama’s speech. And President Obama does laud broadband. But, in no case did the President list the big things.

Indeed, the words big things were a quote from a worker at a company who helped rescue the Chilean miners. As best as I can tell, the rescue was in October, 2010, and the worker probably uttered the quote well before Christie’s speech.

This makes Christie’s main point in his own state address plagiarized. Well, probably not. But, the small portion of Christie’s speech to the Koch crowd was so obviously a lie, why do I want to waste my life reading the rest?

Chris Christie lies.

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