Posted by: Mike P. | August 11, 2011

To Senator Mikulski on DOMA

Senator Mikulski,

Marriage should not be limited to a man and a woman as interpreted by a reading of certain religious texts. While you may personally believe this to be the case, I am asking you to act as a leader.

As a leader, you must do what is right for those you lead. Doing what is right does not mean doing what is popular or what will get you re-elected. It may even mean taking a step back from your own personal beliefs.

Marriage is a contract between two people who love each other and wish to announce this to society. In return, it is expected that society will respect this contract the couple has entered into. A same-sex marriage in no way impinges on a heterosexual marriage. The entire concept of DOMA is non-sense and can only be understood when viewed under the ugly, glaring light cast by homophobia.

I am not suggesting you are homophobic; I am asking you to take the extra step of being an active partner in the repeal of DOMA. Please consider supporting a repeal of DOMA and participating in the discussion.

Thank you for your time,

Michael J. Porter


  1. Mike,

    Thanks for your level-headed and respectful resoponse. Dreck? Really?

    • OK, I wasted a bit of my life reading what you wrote. First, understand the difference between civil marriage and church marriage. No one is going to tell whatever god-forsaken church you belong to that it needs to marry homosexuals. It does not mean you have to marry a man. This is a waste of my time. Dreck. Oh, my, yes.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for your level-headed and respectful response. Dreck? Really?

  3. Why is it that the word “homophobia” inevitably rears its ugly head when those who favor marriage rights for homosexuals talk about those who are opposed to their position? Why can’t the opposition just be said to have a sincere belief that the Bible means what it says, that marriage was the 1st human relationship instituted and ordained of God and that God created them male and female and joined them together in the covenant of marriage? Marriage was intended to be a reflection of Christ and His church (Ephesians 5). Jesus confirmed the marriage covenant as that between a man and a woman in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 when he quoted Genesis 2.

    I guess that I can’t speak for others like me who believe that homosexuality is a sin, but I treat ALL image bearers of God with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve as God’s highest creations. The fact is that homosexuality is a sin, but it is no different from any other sin. No one has the right to look down on the sins of others because we are all subject to various sins. Heterosexual fornication is not more or less sinful than homosexuality, nor is lying, stealing, not honoring the Sabbath day, or taking the Lord’s name in vain.

    The reason that it seems as though the opposition is stronger against homosexuals or even homosexuality, is that many see marriage as primarily God’s domain and not a “contract” as you called it. I see this as an assault on the institution of marriage and against God’s right to define marriage as He saw fit from the foundations of the world. I also see this as an attack against the traditional family as children will have to be taught that homosexual marriage is no different than heterosexual marriage; I see many problems as the government becomes the enemies of those who hold Biblical values and teach their children the Word of God in truth. I don’t expect the world to have the same values that I have because I am not of this world, but I also believe that as long as we have the freedom to have a say in the way our government operates we might as well enter into the fray and try to hold back the tide. I think that is what you would like to do as well.

    • If you think I am going to read that dreck, you are mistaken. Marriage may be defined as you say in the church, but we are talking the civil aspects here, as well as the aspects between two people and their family. If your beliefs make you not accept such a marriage, then I suggest you get new beliefs.

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