Posted by: Mike P. | January 27, 2011

Brave, Armed Citizens of AZ. Where Were You?

OK, remember the Virginia Tech shooting? I am reminded at least once a month when we test our alert system. According to guns rights advocates, that problem would have been neatly solved if Virginians had been allowed to carry.

Apparently, a well-organized resistance would have developed and the shooter taken out. I am not sure what TV show people who believe this watch, but they should attend some of my boat club meetings. We can’t even decide what soda to offer at parties, let alone beer. Forming an armed group to shoot someone holed up in a tower? Uh, yeah, right.

So, why didn’t this armed group appear at Gifford’s assassination attempt? Doesn’t AZ have about the most liberal sidearm weapons laws in the country? And yet the attacker was taken out by a couple of normal people. I don’t recall the details. Obviously he was not shot.

I do believe people should be able to own reasonable guns. I like the few I own and enjoy shooting. I have shot a Glock 9mm, and it is a nice gun.

I do not believe most people are remotely qualified to carry concealed hand guns. Anyone that carries a concealed hand gun without qualifications and shoots someone other than an attacker should be charged with murder. Killing a bystander is not any different from driving drunk and killing someone.

But, mention this to a “I want to carry” person, and you get buried by a bunch of so-called statistics. Bottom line – they want to carry a gun, take “action” and avoid consequences. Sorry, but that boat should have sailed along with the days of drunk driving.

Obviously, quite a few people should not be allowed to own any weapon.

This implies gun registration and ownership records, an anathema to many members of the NRA.

And the day that the government comes to take your legally owned gun from your sanely controlled body, you have a legitimate complaint.

Until that actually happens, what you have is a large voting block trivially manipulated by others to achieve their goals. Guns rights advocates are largely tools in their masters hands. They live in fear with their hands tightly wrapped around their guns, which just seems like a terrible way to live.

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