Posted by: Mike P. | January 3, 2011

The Assange Charges

It seems to me that too many people are focusing on the women who made the charges against Assange. They have been accused of being a Honey Pot trap, among other things.

For the most part, none of us are in a position to evaluate the truth of their statements. The best that we can do is look at the police force and judicial system undertaking the investigation. Are they the proper unit within Sweden to be undertaking such an investigation? What is their record? We should carefully watch the trial and see how the evidence is presented and how the cross-examination happens.

In other words, unless we have evidence to suggestion that the current law enforcement official investigating the claim have been co-opted, we should let them do their jobs. They are well aware that the claims could be false, but if they are true law enforcement, they also know how to question and determine if a claim is valid.


  1. Have you seen Julian Assange’s TED talk from this past July?

    • Sure. Wikileaks does serve a purpose. In the recent 250k cable case, what it should show is that far too many people have access to secret material, and that security is far too lax. Less material should be secret, and fewer people should have access to it.

      The actual ramifications of the leak could be substantial. Security is an interesting business. I only practice it on a limited scale, and not national security. It’s fun playing with people’s heads.

      Spammers send out trial messages, then if they transfer, they spam big time. We were able to identify the trial messages, and we sent them on, and closed the sending account. The spammers would then need to steal another account, and send the spam. But, the machine was blackholed, and no spam was ever sent. This gave us the name of another user who had their account stolen.

      It’s not hard to extrapolate from games like this to real life spy games, throw in some stolen cables, and you can possibly mine quite a bit of information.

      The number of people that knew about the blackhole system was three. Very few messages exist discussing it.

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