Posted by: Mike P. | September 26, 2010

Politicizing the Pulpit

Pastors apparently want to “change the law” and endorse political candidates in church.

What stops a pastor from endorsing a political candidate?  A friend of mine is a “pastor” and endorses candidates all the time.  Is he breaking the law?  Of course not.

The issue here is a simple one.  We, the people, extend a privilege to churches.  They maintain neutrality, do good works, tend to the people equally, and donations made to them are not taxed to the giver or the church.  This is a privilege.

If the church does not wish to maintain this neutrality, then they simply need to give up their IRS tax exemption status.  It is really quite simple.

I demand that the churches remain neutral, or their donors must pay their fair share of income tax and the church itself pay taxes.  If they give up their special privileges, then of course they should be free to say what they wish from the pulpit, subject to the normal rules for public speaking.

Oh, and my friend does not claim any tax exempt status.

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