Posted by: Mike P. | July 24, 2010

Camera Raw and the Blog Header

After reading Real World Camera Raw for what seems like a very long time (it is a good book; lots of info), I finally generated what I hope is a better image. I always need to keep in mind that I am somewhat color blind – a minor hinderance for someone doing color photography, I suppose :-). But, the histograms and other information we have available to us when image editing can keep strange color casts out. I least I hope so. I’ve included the previous version below for comparison. If there is anything obviously wrong with the one above, please let me know instead of simply never coming back here!

Old blog banner, Fair Hill, Maryland

Old Banner


  1. nice………….good blog i think……….

    • Well, thanks!

  2. Converted the header to use the sRGB color profile. There really is some blue in the rocks – at least according to the original camera recorded jpeg.

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