Posted by: Mike P. | July 20, 2010

TED Interviews Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

This TED Interview with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is worth watching.

There is always a danger in dumping raw intelligence out to the general public. Most of us are not aware of the norms for various activities, for instance. What is it really like to sit in an Apache helicopter, for instance? Indeed, most Americans have never been in armed combat of any sort, or have even been through such training. Interpreting the actions of the soldiers that day is indeed difficult. But, to do so completely misses the point. The soldiers were following standard engagement orders. The captions added to the video make this clear. Each time the helicopter fires, it receives permission to do so. If a question needs to be raised as a result of the video, it is how the US engages the Iraqi population, and not the conduct of those specific soldiers.

WikiLeaks makes an attempt to verify the information it gets, or trick some rather clueless companies into verifying the information (see the video!), and it tries to put the information into context.

As more laws are written to suppress discussion, “Veggie Libel” laws, for example, an open forum for the discussion of topics that matter is increasingly important.

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