Posted by: Mike P. | July 15, 2010

Annie’s First Cross Country Jump

Annie's First Cross Country Jump

Annie’s First Cross Country Jump. In the ring, the jumps fall down if you hit them. In the country, they are quite solid 🙂 We bought her a fancy vest to protect the torso. Did she wear it? No, it was too hot. Well, it was hot, I’ll give her that.

The main purpose of these posts is to test Flicker integration with WordPress. I’ll probably change this post a few times.

Well, this isn’t bad. I like the slideshow, and the fact that you can go full screen. I am not thrilled with the pop out to flickr, but I think you actually have to do that to maintain the terms of service. Overall, it is the best photo option I’ve seen for commercial WordPress.

Oh, check this out. From this blog posting:


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