Posted by: Mike P. | July 14, 2010

This should be an Exciting Blog

‘Cause I write like:

I write like
Dan Brown

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  1. Isaac Asimov FTW.
    (When tested on my actual writing, though, not my blog.)
    In other news, never having read a Dan Brown novel, I am now somewhat inspired. That’s probably another feather in your cap. “I’m so good, I make people want to read Dan Brown because he writes like me.”

    • That’s funny 🙂 I did like the Da Vinci Code. But, I suspect this is because I do not know a great deal about art history. He wrote a computer related book, and I was quite disappointed with it. Computers simply do not act as portrayed in the book, and are not likely ever going to. I feel that when a writer is going to propose an alternate reality, the basis for that reality needs to be sufficiently different from what I know to be true so I can believe in the plausibility of that reality.

      For instance, in Avatar, they made the reality of their world sufficient different from ours so that concepts such as all beings are electrically connected fit. Other things that would never occur on our earth were explained just enough so you could believe in the place. The world they created was reasonably consistent.

      Dan Brown did not define a reality significantly different from the world we live in to support the alternate behavior of computers.

      However, Da Vinci Code did spark an interest in Templars, and in general, the history of the Middle East and the West’s relationship with it.

      — Huh, up until the dashes, this comment is evaluated as Dan Brown. A friend tells me that different text can get you different evals, so I don’t think it just looked at cookies or something. She’s a lawyer, or perhaps still in school, so if she ran legalese through the poor thing, who knows what it coughed out 🙂

      Oh, the book is “Digital Fortress”, and the Amazon review suggests that you should just look-aside at the plot issues. It’s been a while since I read this book, but if I recall, ignoring the technical inaccuracies could lead you to think encryption possesses attributes a good deal different than it does. Even though we all know you shouldn’t base the real world on fiction, how many of us actually do?

      Why are my comments so freakin long? Because I’m deleting 12,000 email accounts, and that is a very boring job until it completes. If it deletes the wrong accounts, then it gets very exciting, and real world exciting 🙂

    • BTW, congrats on Isaac Asimov. In some ways, he has had the greatest influence on me.

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