Posted by: Mike P. | July 7, 2010


More than anything else, this is an attempt to see how photos can be presented in WordPress.  The photos were taken in a relatively dark auditorium with a Canon T1i and a Canon 18-135mm f4-f5.6 EF-S lens.

The slideshow is OK, but I think I prefer the gallery.  The trick seems to be to upload images and directly store them in the gallery.  Images that are already uploaded can not be added to a gallery.

This dance program is very good.  The area I live in is not that heavily populated, so we are lucky to have such a great program nearby.  Each year, Cecil Dance Center teaches approximately 400 girls and young women.

These photos were taken during the June 18th, 2010 dress rehearsal.


  1. For the record, you can also put photographs in individually if you a) do it from the gallery, but then you can only have one, or b) upload from an external URL – I’ve used Flickr and Fotki. I know you’ve done at least one of these because I’ve seen it, but I didn’t know which method you used so I mentioned them both.

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