Posted by: Mike P. | July 6, 2010

Tea Party – A Dangerous Force

This is a good article that reminds us to not under-estimate the tea-party and its impact.

Depending on where you live and the people you associate with, you might not recognize the depth of feeling and the level of misunderstanding these people have. But, they do; it runs deep, and they are paranoid and dangerous. With the correct leader, they could easily be turned into a force similar in power to the Bolsheviks or the early days of the Nazi party.

Please understand: I am not equating the ideals of the tea party with that of the Nazis or Bolsheviks; that does not make sense. But, we clearly have is a leaderless, angry, relatively large group of people looking for a leader who can sell them on the idea that he or she back their ideals.

Their ideals, sadly, have been proven wrong again, and again. Deregulated economies devour all but the richest.  Sometimes, even the rich, but the people at the top always survive.  The rich are not cannibals.  A belief in “God”.  An idea that when used in politics can be used to justify just about any behavior.  “God” and “heaven” are also powerful motivating factors that can be used to get people to do things they would otherwise never consider.  “Strap on a bomb, go over to those people and blow yourself up.  I promise – you will go to heaven.”  I am well aware that the actual motivating factors for most suicide bombers are deeper than this.  But, the “heaven” promise certainly does help.   Instill some hopelessness, and you have yourself a bomber or a soldier willing to commit any required atrocity.

Ironically, a deregulated economy is likely to devour the majority of the tea party members first since in many cases they are in the most fragile positions in the economy. Small businessmen, various sorts of middle level management, and of course the already unemployed or retired are easy targets since they have some amount of money that can be absorbed, and are unlikely to see the attack coming until it is too late.

The financial backing of the tea-party is nearly limitless. Individual companies such as Koch can now pour money into elections. They have the strategy and power to manipulate the process to meet their own ends.  If they are successful in forcing a deregulated internet, look to very slow response times on anything critical of the elite.

I stood on a dock on the 4th of July watching a boat parade. Various boats went by with the usual decorations. About mid-way, a boat came by with an effigy of Obama sitting on the deck, signs about bail-outs, and on the stern, a sign about the AIG bailout. The crew made motions to dump the Obama effigy into the water. They didn’t actually do it, but that was most likely because they were good boaters and knew they would have to pick it out of the water. The scary part wasn’t a few boaters exercising their right to free speech. The scary part was how loud the crowd on the shore was in support of the boat.

I have to admit, I did not feel like trying to face them down, possibly by myself.  Kinda ruined the evening for me.


  1. Hi, Mike, from Maryland. I’m Ginny from Maryland.
    Came via The Bloggess. I scanned the article you linked to: it’s sobering that Tea Partiars (aka Tea Baggers, à la John Waters) aren’t all idiots. But smart as they may be, they’re not exactly critical thinkers.

    Like your point of view. Incidentally, we have the same WordPress theme for our blogs. (I was weirded out for a second!)

    • I took a photo the other day that I hope to use on the masthead. I always felt it should be from a place I’ve been! So, that should help.

      I’ll have to remember Tea Baggers – that’s funny. I wonder how many will get it? I’ll read more about Waters when I get a chance. I remember liking Hair Spray quite a bit, but I have to admit I do not know much about him. My defense? I’ve only been in Maryland since 2001. Prior to that, I was in another country called Delawhere 🙂

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