Posted by: Mike P. | June 20, 2010

First Macro in Many Years

First Macro in Many Years

We were riding around in our golf cart and came across this patch of flowers. This particular image was taken as a Canon Raw file – the first time I ever took one. Very cool. This image is so different than the jpegs shot at the same time. Much better color and sharpness. It seems like post processing and the purchase of mucho memory cards and storage might be future 🙂

Canon T1i, 18-135mm Canon lens

Comments? I really don’t know what I am doing. Just playing 🙂

Heck, this isn’t even a macro, more like a close-up?


  1. Gorgeous. You can really see the difference shooting in RAW, but then again, that may just be the skill of the photographer (read: this is really, really nice). What focal length did you use for this?

    • Thanks! (Luck? We’ll see)

      1/30s, f/5.6, iso 100, 126mm.

      When I made the image from the raw file, I put a decent little “belly” in the middle of the gamma curve, and I bumped the sharpness by a good amount. I figured since it was a raw file, it would be able to generate some clean lines from so much data, and I think I am right.

      By the way, this was hand-held and auto-focused. I selected a specific sensor that was located where I wanted focus and went with that. I think it was hand-held. I did have a monopod with me, but it is annoying to adjust the height on for close up work.

      So, I think I’ve answered my USM, IS question for macro. YES, if you can afford it and they make the lens.

      When I converted to a jpeg small enough for flickr, and then flickr had its way with the image, it did not look good at all. It totally smeared the color in the center of the flower. This is actually a png made by a screen capture on the Mac.

      Full sized jpegs made by the EOS software look good, though. But, I think I’ll keep the raw file around 🙂 Raw is so cool because apparently I did not actually change the file – just parameters used to display it. I like that…

      • RAW is really cool. When I have space, I like to shoot RAW + JPEG-Fine, but everything I’ve ever posted online is a JPEG, because of the file size requirements. It never occurred to me to screencap the processed RAW shots – I’ll have to try that, thanks!
        As to the USM/IS question, I think you’ll agree even more if you try out the 100mm L macro, because the IS there is a special design that doesn’t exist on any other lens and is dedicated for the way macro is shot. Believe me, I dream of that lens…

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