Posted by: Mike P. | June 20, 2010


When a friend saw Avatar, she wrote a tweet that of course I can no longer find since both of us have deleted our Twitter accounts that date from that time.  She did a twittercide first, and then I followed soon after.  But, it was a very independent thing.  At least I hope so.  I had retweeted her a few times to a large audience.  Turns out hash tags are the best way to get tweets out.  I block most followers, save the email and then unblock them later.  Hopefully no one takes it personally, but it’s not fair to have followers who you never intend to follow back.  So, blocking causes the follow to drop, and unblocking is sort of a “hey, don’t take it personally”.  But, I have seriously digressed, which is probably a major sin for a writer.  But, since I am not a professional writer, I will sin left and right.  And up and down, too, just to make sure I have it everywhere.  Sin, sin, sin.  SIN.  Who decides what the sins are?  Ohhh… anyhow.  A question for @TheBloggess.  Not that she is a sinner.  But, she will probably make up a funny answer.

Back to Avatar.

The tweet was something like “I laughed, I cried, I whooped”,  and I whole heartedly agree.  It is really one of the best statements that can be said of the movie – it just leaves you bursting with a sense that the world does not need to go the way it is going.  There is hope.  I suppose there are movie critics who made some comment or another, but it just does not matter.  The point of this movie is to leave you with a sense of self and the world community we are members of and the pride that being a member of this connected world can bring.  And it did.


  1. I think the sins depend on who you’re looking to for advice. Like if you look to you cat for advice then it’s a sin not to lick yourself. That’s why I don’t follow the cats anymore.

    • Oh, I was right. 🙂 I don’t follow cats either. I don’t lick myself either. But, I will not discuss why.

  2. So, can you leave a comment on your own blog? I don’t see why not. We decide what the sins are, and commenting your own blog is too trivial to be a sin.

    I didn’t want to read any reviews of Avatar before I wrote the main post. I just read the review that is part of my movie catalog. The reviewer completely missed the point. I wonder if a slightly different review would have been written in light of the mess in the gulf, or is that also lost on the reviewer? Probably.

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