Posted by: Mike P. | June 17, 2010

Scary Growth or I am Just Being Silly?

Scary Growth?

What the heck is growing on that arm?

So Silly :-)

So Silly 🙂

Ok, I know, a little lame.  Kids in the US, and perhaps the world, spend lots of time collecting and trading these things.  I suppose on one hand you could say it is a waste of money, but they seem to have lots of fun doing it.  The other neat part of the culture is that some kids freely give bands to other kids.  Sure, there is trading, too.  But, I think anything that promotes freely giving to someone else among kids this age is a good thing.

Technical notes:  The flash head was rotated 180 degrees and then pointed nearly straight up to the ceiling to give the nice even light distribution.  The flash head focal length was set incorrectly because I had not read the manual when I took these shots!

Bands and layout by Annie.  Minor adjustments made by Bonnie.  Otherwise, they would not all line up so nicely.


  1. Nice flash bounce, but I particularly like the lighting on the first shot. What did you do there?
    Also… is this just me, or is it completely impossible to tell what those two blue bands in the centre left are? Elves in stocking caps? A new kind of microscope? Some sort of deep-sea lamprey?

    • Thanks! The top one must have been a flash bounce, too. I don’t remember specifically.

      The two blue things are perfume bottles, of all things. We are going to put the photo on Facebook and tag every one!

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