Posted by: Mike P. | June 16, 2010

Shooting Video with a DSLR. The Possibilities!

If anyone needs inspiration on what they can achieve with the new HD video SLRs, check this out. The opening video is just amazing. Look at how clear the image is. The depth of field. But, the skills necessary to shoot this are non-trivial as well. It will take me some time before I can get those results.

Also, this is a really good forum for Canon DSLR owners. All manner of information in what appears to be a friendly forum.

Any other forums you frequent? Leave a link!


  1. and are great resources too for learning about HDSLR shooting. I have been using my T2i with Magic lantern for several months now and loving it! I plan to post tips about it on my new blog:

  2. I hear the “official Canon rumours people” are predicting the successor to the T2i for next spring/summer. I wouldn’t be surprised; there seems to be about a one-year progression between each member of the Rebel series. For the meantime, though, your camera’s wonderful, and you certainly seem to have gotten the hang of good shots with it… perhaps you deserve this T2i of mine more than I do!

  3. DPReview (dot com). I’m sure you already know about them. In general a pretty useful website, and they’re not afraid to go in-depth, but the forums can be really helpful and informative (once you learn which posts to take with a grain of salt). They helped me choose a camera, lenses, and they’ve narrowed down my next lens purchase. Also, the discussions on Flickr (in various subject groups) can be really cool.

    • Thanks! No, I haven’t really gone looking for forums. It’s really only been in the past few weeks that I really wanted to start recording HD video. Then I heard about the T[12]i, and the that seemed the way to go. Canon was pretty much going to be my choice because I’ve always owned them, and I trusted the place where I bought.

      I shot a 3 minute video overhead today, with the flash attached. You wouldn’t think that would be hard, but man, my shoulders hurt now I mean, what does the camera weigh, 3 lbs w/flash? I dunno.

      • Heh, I never thought I’d use the video function. That’s not why I bought it. And then I found myself at a community event for the Children’s Miracle Network, and there were STORMTROOPERS. And they were DANCING THE ROBOT. And there I was, with my HD-capable dSLR, on which I had NEVER LEARNT TO USE THE VIDEO.
        Lesson learnt. Loud and clear. “Always learn how to use every function of your gadgets, because you never know when there may be STORMTROOPERS DANCING THE ROBOT.”
        (Capitals added for emphasis. Not that STORMTROOPERS DANCING THE ROBOT actually needs any further emphasis.)

        • Oh, that’s a riot. I saw your posting about the storm troopers, but I didn’t remember the dancing part. And the thing is: turns out the T2i has far more creative control for video than a T1i. The sales brochures were incorrect, and this is a major reason to buy a T2i. Ultimately, I will sell the T1i and buy either a T2i or whatever comes next.

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