Posted by: Mike P. | June 16, 2010

iPhone as a Generic Controller

This is so cool. What this particular device actually does is somewhat obscure, and you may or may not find it interesting. But, it shows the efficacy of an idea I had a while ago, which is that the iPhone would make an excellent controller platform for all manner of devices.

When I first saw the iPhone, I thought it would make a great controller for model trains. MTH makes a dedicated device to control your trains, as does Lionel. Just imagine the customization an owner could do with a touch display that is as sophisticated as the iPhone. And the best part is the manufacturers do not have to make anything.

I suppose the downside to the idea is Apple’s rather anal attitude about product licensing. A business could find itself in serious trouble should Apple decide “they just do not want the iPhone doing that”. If Apple keeps up that attitude, then someone else will invade their market. Until Microsoft illegally shuts out all competition except for a token piece of the market for Apple and kills all innovation. Or Google.

Myself: I would like a TV remote control application for the iPhone. I think one exists, and it would be nice to have.

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