Posted by: Mike P. | May 3, 2010


“Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning.” – unknown

Marina Orlova (HotForWords) did a funny video on the subject.  For something a little less funny, but pretty interesting, check out this Future States episode.

So, this is short post, but Marina’s video is pretty funny so just watch it instead of reading me yammering on.  I really liked the ending quote.

To put things into perspective in case you come across this post some time in the future, the state of Arizona just passed a rather nasty law related to likely unconstitutional profiling in an attempt to “secure our borders.”

I guess we are bored with war, health care and economics, so on to the next great misunderstood issue.  Don’t get too used to those tomatoes or mushrooms.


  1. I liked the video, all that was missing was the german angry guy and the slutty swede. Keep it up!

    • I just watched “Fargo” the other night, which is set in Minnesota and North Dakota, states where many Swedes emigrated to. So, the current stereotype I have of Swedes is extreme politeness mixed with a small amount of extreme violence set on a hair trigger.

      Fargo was quite good. If you watch the DVD, watch the part in special features about the making of after the movie. It is violent, but not excessively so, and certainly not gratuitously so.

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