Posted by: Mike P. | April 26, 2010

Apple Moves Into Sony Territory

Police Seize Jason Chen’s Computers:

So, Jason Chen is a journalist who happened to get ahold of a 4.0 generation iPhone, disassembled it and wrote about what he found.

If you have ever tried to bring charges against someone for an intellectual or other non-violent crime, you know that either you need serious pull or you must somehow manage to capture the attention of the AG.  The police and AGs do not sit around reading blog postings looking for crimes.  Well, not these sorts of “crimes” at any rate.

So, I strongly suspect Apple pulled the necessary strings to get Chen’s computers seized.  This move ranks up there with Sony and Adobe.

Sony, if you will recall, put a backdoor program on their audio CDs, which was quickly backdoored, resulting in many hacked computers.  They then compounded the error by releasing a fix which was also broken.  I own all Samsung TVs now.  That’s nearly $2,000 in revenue, Mr. Sony.  I would charge you a good deal more than that because you cost my employer quite a bit  cleaning up the mess your audio CDs left.

And Adobe had that Russian programmer arrested when he traveled to a conference in the US.  He had pointed out the obvious flaws in Adobe’s silly book encryption method.  He did the work while living in Russia and therefore could not have broken any US law.  While I do own Adobe products, I paid 10 cents on the dollar for legal copies.  Haha.

So, now I sit here writing on my shiny MacBook Pro, thinking an iPad would be nice, and also wanting to buy an iMac for my daughter.

What’s it going to be Steve?  Are you going to join the dick list, or are you going to be smart enough to get out this, and do so in a way that makes it right?  And by right I mean $$$ to Chen.  A sizable donation to the non-profit community, too.  See  And don’t even try any DMCA crapola.  It won’t fly.

Update: The Jon Stewart show did a great skit on this.  And then stay tuned for the next guy.   He’s a hoot. 😦

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