Posted by: Mike P. | April 21, 2010

New Camera?

I was all set to get the new Canon EOS (T2 something or other).  Shoots full HD video at 30 fps.  It was very well priced, too.  Apparently too well priced as Canon slowed production and they are largely unavailable unless you want to pay more than list price.  Well, I can wait if Canon wants me to.

Update: See later posts. I ended up with the T1i for a number of reasons and am happy with it.


  1. *cough*
    Oops. Sorry. That may be at least partially my fault.
    On the other hand, you got a rockin’ kit lens with the T1i, and everyone knows the lens is where it’s at.
    (For the record, that 70-200 f/2.8L? That is such a nice lens. Not that I can afford it, of course. But if you want to “try before you buy,” it’s popular at a number of online lens rental shops. Well chosen!)

    • There’s a really good store near my house where I buy all my cameras and equipment from. Sometimes it is a bit more than online, but not a lot. For now, I have the 18-135mm f3.5-5.6. Much nicer feel than the kit lens, and that length is nice enough to get a shallow depth of field when you want it. It stops way down, too, so you can get a long depth of field if you want. f36 at full zoom.

      Daughter’s dance recital and practices for the next 4 days – lots of shooting coming up!

      • Apologies – the 18-135mm is the lens I meant when I said “rockin’.” That’s a nice piece of equipment. I hope you share the pictures! (I didn’t go with the kit 18-55mm either; I bought the T2i body only and added the 15-85mm myself. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous of your tele!)

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