Posted by: Mike P. | April 21, 2010

Family Research Council – Bleh

This quote is pretty bad:

Peter Sprigg: The idea that homosexuals are regularly denied the right to visit their partners in the hospital is one that has only one source–homosexual activists who want to change the definition of marriage. Where are the media surveys of hospital administrators to determine how many hospitals actually have such restrictive policies? I think you would find this is rare, not common.

This is a massive distortion.  The real issue is blood relatives requesting that a partner be denied visitation.  Hospitals do not normally take on this issue unless relatives force it.  The real target here is relatives, not hospitals.  This decree gives the hospital the motivation to deny these requests.  While most often associated with homophobic relatives, presumably there are cases of unmarried heterosexual couples running into this problem.  I could say more, but Idol Gives Back is on and Peter Sprigg is not worth my time.

Edit: Joss Stone, Jeff Beck, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Elton John, and the wonderful Annie Lennox.  What a great show.  People trying to do something, and then we have this sad sack “Peter Sprigg”.  I’ll spare you the profanity I feel towards this person.  Rot, dude.

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