Posted by: Mike P. | April 7, 2010

China and Hacking

A recent report in the NY Times suggests that China is responsible for hacking into Indian computers and stealing a large amount of critical information.

However, the important quote is this:

Even after eight months of watching the spy ring, the Toronto researchers said they could not determine exactly who was using the Chengdu computers to infiltrate the Indian government.

What this should tell you is that they have absolutely no idea who is doing this. It could well have been one the researchers looking for publicity. Anyone who hacks should have the common sense to bounce their traffic, and what better place to bounce traffic than a bunch of un-patched computers in an uncooperative country like China? Basically, this is how you do this kind of work. Failure to bounce traffic through uncooperative sites results in a major security hole and one that is easy to exploit.

We have been tracking a group of hackers who have used computers all over the world. They leave a particular signature so we can identify them as likely being part of the same group. However, their work ethic, timing, and other issues and preferences strongly suggests western hackers, and I personally suspect local or ex-local people.

We’ll see. We recently made some changes and have not heard from them in about a week. Are they on spring break, or have they decided we are not worth the trouble and have moved elsewhere? Are they reading this? Do they know who I am? It’s kinda weird. But, I recently visited the spy museum in Washington DC, so whaddya expect?

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