Posted by: Mike P. | March 28, 2010

Michigan Area Militias

I snagged this off a semi-random BBS a while ago. I wonder what these people have been up to?

Hutaree Militia message board members need help!!!
Sun Mar 28, 2010 15:42

Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 6:29 PM
Subject: Hutaree Militia message board members need help!!!

superiorgreen just wrote and said to me on youtube ….

The Federal Authorities have raided not only our group but also the Michigan Militia. They have hijacked their website and placed word there that they were not raided.We need some help please. This has to stop. I am enroute south with my children using the wifis as I can.

On the Hutaree message board, an apparent member of the group named Anna left a message with some details of what happened. She says the FBI raid came into their home and she and one child escaped and are now driving south

…. They were catching others as they came to their rallying points, they broke into homes and took children and used the tasers on wives, my son who is 12 and I got out by crawling through the creeks behind our house. My husband and others are taken, please call the press and tell them, if any in the Michigan Militia is still free please rally with them.
Please help

Edit: Ah, apparently they were going to blow up a mosque. Good choice. Blow up a place where a bunch of most likely peaceful people were going to congregate. I guess the hutaree are too weak minded to join the military if they felt that strongly. Then they could in theory fight those who really are violent. Instead, like all extremists, they go after the weak or those who are otherwise not prepared at that moment to defend themselves.

Edit: Nope, kill police officers. Huh. Wonder what the point of killing police officers is? Morons.

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