Posted by: Mike P. | March 5, 2010

Why Do People Do What They Do?

I’m still kind of in shock over this one.  A friend’s son, a kid I knew somewhat well, was arrested for armed robbery.  Apparently he was also using a lot of drugs, but I don’t think the two are related.  Mostly pot, which he could just as well been growing as buying.  Why in the world would this kid take a loaded gun into a liquor store, point it at someone, and demand money?  I dunno.  More than once, too.

From what I remember, pot doesn’t make you want to commit armed robbery, it makes you feel like you are driving 90mph while you are actually doing about 30.  I’ll probably write more when I know more.

Update: 3/11/2010

Well, he will not be tried as an adult.  He is being sent to a “teen challenge” program.  You can look it up if you really care.  It is a faith-based substance abuse program.  I doubt substance abuse is the issue here – the drugs of choice are alcohol and marijuana – neither of which usually cause people to commit armed robbery.  I would guess he did not do it for the money – he still had a good amount of cash from the first robbery.  But, apparently this program is the only choice in our area.  Hopefully he will meet someone there who can help him, and not learn to abuse even more dangerous substances in the process.

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