Posted by: Mike P. | February 23, 2010

An Innocent Letter

So, I received an email from MoveOn or some other PAC I regularly get email about mentioning Dick Cheney recently gave another vitriolic interview where he spread his every changing version of the truth. The email asked for 10,000 signatures suggesting Cheney go back into whatever undisclosed location he has been hiding out in, no doubt from those radical terrorists he is so afraid of. We were also given the chance to comment, and this is what I wrote. Since I was supposed to be working and not writing to ex-vice presidents, I wrote quickly and there are bound to be mistakes. Oops.

Dear Mr. Cheney,

Your fear and weakness brought on by the criminal acts on 9/11 has infested our country. People live in fear of terrorists. This is insane. Any person in the US is far more likely to die in an automobile accident.

You sanctioned an illegal war by lying. You can carve tricky statements and make various explanations about the evidence, but the bottom line is you knew or could have easily known there were no WMDs in Iraq and that Iraq was not a serious military threat to the US. Additionally, by forcing the US into Iraq, Afghanistan was neglected, and in that country is where the real danger lay.

Let’s face it: Iraq was an oil grab. You know it, I know it, and everyone that can read knows it. You offered up 4,000+ American lives, countless Iraqi and other lives in order to secure some oil fields. You probably think of this as a good long-term strategy. I think it was a foolish short-term strategy.

You sullied the name of our nation and all its citizens, both living and dead, by sanctioning the use of torture.

Please run and hide. It would not be good for the country to have to hunt you down and try you in court, but if you insist on remaining in the public spotlight, this is exactly what should happen to you.

You were weak when we needed strength, and you are still showing your weakness when you should be off thinking about your poor performance.

A friend once tried to explain your actions by stating “how would you behave if you were in his position.” He does have a point. Perhaps I would have been weak too.

So. I do not “hate” you. I do not think the US necessarily needs to bring you before a court, but only if you quite simply go away.


Michael J. Porter

full address, email and phone number.

Shortly after I wrote this, the news reported he had a mild heart attack. I do not wish ill-health of Cheney. In fact, I wish him a long life, but also deep reflection on how he behaved in office and the wisdom to realize how badly he performed.

I doubt Bush will ever get it.


  1. Thanks. I need to take more time when I write. I look back on some of these posts and think “what a terrible sentence.” Maybe I should file as a draft and go back after a few hours and recheck it. I get in such a hurry to write something….

    And now that I’ve been reading the Bloggess for a while, I want to try some humor. Stabity-stab-stab, oops, I didn’t really mean that stuff.

  2. …haha brilliant! well done sir.

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