Posted by: Mike P. | February 8, 2010

Strange Text Books

Thanks to a small group of people backed by some powerful people, children across the US could be denied a decent education. As parents, we may well have to start reading our children’s text books and looking at their curriculum closely. Perhaps even question their teachers on these very topics.

So far, I have been very impressed by the education given to my daughter in her public school. I do not think her teachers are likely to be personally swayed by the pseudo science and vague opinions that are likely to be forced into text books by the texas state school board. But, if these books are printed, and her teachers forced to adhere to some curriculum forced upon them by a small group of people, her teacher’s job is going to be much harder if a quality education is the goal.

So, we parents have to pay attention and lend the teachers a hand when their hands are tied or the books they are forced to use are not remotely factual. Additionally, we must learn more about who is elected to the board of education. During the last election, I tried to find out information on those running, and was surprised that I could not find a single item. Now, admittedly, I tried the night before the election. Next time, I think I need to start a little sooner.

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