Posted by: Mike P. | January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson Talks to the Devil and Unveils Truth W/Haiti

Pat Robertson says reasons for Haiti’s misfortunes? The nation “swore a pact to the devil” two centuries ago

There are lots of links to the video from the 700 club.

I just wanted to get this recorded so I would never forget what this wretch of a human said. Anyone that thinks Mr. Robertson has anything of significant value to say should consider this statement and ponder it. Of course, anyone watching him in the first place probably agrees with him, so this posting is of little use. Probably only serves to make me feel better.

I like my headline, though!

(Mr. Robertson’s statement was made in reference to the earthquakes around the time of this posting.)

Donate via Unicef if you would like.


  1. Bionic Dance is Fantastic, love her work ^^

    What truly horrified me about this statement is that while he sat there and vomited this garbage, children died under rubble, families dug with bare hands through steel and concrete to save love ones. He spoke hate while a nation crumbled and its people died.

    if you excuse the language, Fuck. This. Maggot.

  2. Tacky to comment on your own posts, I know. But, I like this video,, as a reasoned response to Robinson’s drivel.

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