Posted by: Mike P. | January 8, 2010

When are the Olympics?

This device is amazing. It is an ancient date computer capable of figure out all sorts of things that were important to its builder.

While the existence of the device is one thing, what I find equally as surprising is that it could be built at all. How did they machine the gears? Refine the metal? Make the necessary measurements? These days, we could design such a device using a CAD program and feed it into a CNC machine, and with a bit more information, out would pop the parts needed. How was this done 1500 years ago?


  1. Somewhere, someone is screaming Atlantis until they are blue in the face. But the reality of this thing is mind blowing, i was aware of the machine as a mystery before i had no idea further studies had been done. Thanks mike 😀

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