Posted by: Mike P. | December 17, 2009

Sharia Law – Stoning

The other day, I saw a video, or maybe a series of photographs, of a stoning in Somalia. If you have ever watched such a thing – a real one, where the person is actually dead at the end, you should find it to be very troubling. You will want to remove these images from your mind, I suspect. The emotions of hatred, ignorance, fear, and confusion from those involved will linger in your mind. It’s not much different than what goes through my mind when we execute someone in the US, but I normally do not have the actual images in my mind since executions in the US are not broadcast or filmed.

I was struck by what I interpreted as confusion or maybe disbelief by the man who was about to be killed. I am not exactly sure what I saw – there were few pictures of his face. And quite frankly, I do not want to go back and look.

Those actually doing the stoning were apparently embarrassed or just plain too weak to own up to their actions since they largely hid their faces behind rags. But, I guess this is a standard practice in executions. Normally the executioner(s) faces are hidden.

So, this all came about as a result of Sharia Law. Apparently, this man had unlawful sex with a woman. Because she was not married, she only received 100 lashes. Good thing she was not living in a place with fundamentalist christian law or she too would be dead. Unless they had sex in place where no one could hear her scream for help. Then, I think, she is not punished. Hey, give those christians credit for trying to be fair, huh?

So, I have to wonder. And I do not mean to pick on this person, but he is in the public eye. If a “Tiger Woods” of the islamic world happened to be caught in a situation like this, what would happen? Or are these punishments reserved for the poor who are not able to effectively defend themselves? Do the punishments serve as some sort of release for the militants? And instill fear into the poor?

Have any Saudi Princes been stoned? You can’t expect me to believe that these oil soaked rich princes are not straying from their vows. Well, maybe not. Maybe they are all good, pious people.

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