Posted by: Mike P. | December 10, 2009

Santa Claus, God and Whose Cookies are Those?

So, my daughter told us she does not believe in Santa Claus. Apparently she had not for a few years (age 10). She was mostly angry because apparently I ate the cookies she left out for him one year.

I am not certain if this terrible crime I committed is what lead to her disbelief, or if she already did not believe and she was checking to see where the cookies would go.

When I attempt to talk with her about this, all I get is a glare at the moment. Apparently, she is experiencing a resurgence of the emotions felt when the cookie theft was discovered.

I am a well known cookie, thief, by the way. Your cookies are NOT safe around me. Particularly double thick oreos.

So, it occurs to me that it would be oh so simple if I could get her to think in a similar fashion about the existence or none-existence of god. In other words, eat “god’s cookies”. I would probably have to put up with a glare for a while, but it would be worth it.

At some point, I will write my own Idiot Atheist story (to borrow a term from “StrangeGlobal”).


  1. Dearest Brother Mike,

    All children outgrow their belief in Santa Claus when their brain develops to a certain point when they can grasp reality, think about it and can actually intellectualize doubt of the all the bullshit that has been presented to them as convention to keep them safe, happy and mystified with Christmas by their loving parents. I consider the realization of disbelief to be a step in a child’s development (albeit rough on parents) as normal and healthy.

    As an ex-Catholic and currently spiritual man, I’m not sure it’s wise to raise a child believing in nothingness. Kids do need structure and routines. As a teen, I was a good Catholic, went to college, developed my mind and came to my own conclusions without any parental guidance which was a difficult period in life. Through my study of history in college, I realized that the history of the Catholic church and all the multitude of crimes against humanity they have committed is a true abomination so contrary to the teachings of Christ. Oh, the shame! The study of history was my path to enlightenment…

    I came to these conclusions on my own w/o parental guidance. I found my own spiritual path that I’m quite content with to this very day. How to get your daughter on her own path? I don’t have a clue. This is why I don’t have children – too much responsibility…

    I love being Uncle Stephen with some teeny bits of wisdom to share.

    Love Ya,


    • But, while we had that structure (well, once I got a license, I don’t recall ever going to church again), did you ever really believe it? I don’t ever recall really believing anything.

      Anyhow, you are right, it is a conundrum. Lots of people in the same situation, so I suppose I can start looking at what they are doing. And Bonnie and I haven’t really discussed this either.

      Oh, and her learning that there is no Santa was a relief. Keeping up the charade was difficult and we were starting to slip up. I think she played us for extra presents. Some from Santa, some from mom and dad.

      • I did believe it all – the Catholic stuff. Maybe I was just more gullible than you as a teen! LOL

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